Fall Party 2011 Coming Soon

November 6, 2011  1 to 5pm
Corner of Palo Pinto & Delmar

It is that time of year again fellow Llanoans, Velascites, Palo Pintoans, Goliadans, and Belmontonians.  Fall Party is going to be held on November 6, 2011 from 1:00pm to 5:00pm at the corner of Palo Pinto and Delmar.  Past Fall Parties are remembered fondly and it is a great way to catch up with your neighbors, meet new ones, and talk about neighborhood issues… plus the food and drinks. 

This year, we have some new activities planned like the pet parade, scavenger hunt and a wine cork pull; but, we will not have the silent auction.  We will still do a little fund raising through the other activities.  This year all funds raised at Fall Party will go toward a BACD sponsored project at Robert E. Lee Elementary.  Our own Robert E. Lee was recently honored as an “Exemplary” school, and we’d like to support its success! 

Families should join in as we will have children’s’ activities, including a bounce house.  Though, don’t be surprised to see a few adults in there (Philip, Blane).

Chili Cook-Off

The always popular Chili-Cook-off.  All you need to do is bring your chili and something to serve it with.  We’ll have the fixins.  If you plan to bring a chili, please drop Michele Hille an email to let her know at  Hille.michele@gmail.com

Sugary Showdown

Got a sweet tooth?  Bring your delicious dessert for the Sugary Showdown.  Cut it into small servings on the day of the event.  Harley Cozewith is our coordinator for the sugary delights.  Send her an email at Harley@cozewith.com if you plan on bringing a dessert.

Brew Show-off

If you homebrew, bring some of your concoction to share.  Blane Balch will participate with his famous brews; but, I am sure he would appreciate some company.   Beer, wine, homemade hooch.  All are welcome.

Pet Parade

The Pet Parade will be at 3 pm, so have fluffy ready to go (friendly pets only please).  Put a costume on your pet and enter him, her, or it in the Pet Parade.  The Pet Parade will be catwalk style, so submit your blurb about your pet to Melissa at belmontaddition@yahoo.com

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