Fall Party 2011 – Better than ever!


This year’s Fall Party was one of the best ever! We decided that we didn’t need to do as much fund raising this year, so we skipped the silent auction. Instead, we added a wine pull which sold out in minutes. We hope to have a bigger wine pull next year. Partiers also played “Neighbor Bingo” where they had to find and meet people to fill squares on their board. We’ll bring that back next year too.

The planning team decided that this year, we would donate proceeds to RE Lee, our Exemplary-rated neighborhood Elementary school. In total, we raised $772.31 after expenses. From this we donated $216 to purchase plant markers for the school’s teaching garden project. We also have pledged another $1500 to purchase a trophy case in coordination with the RE Lee PTA.

Winner of the Chili Cook-off this year was Marla Pittman. Second place went to Russ Pate and third to Darren Dattalo. Shoshanna Adelmann won the Sugary Showdown for the fourth year in a row with Harley Cozewith taking second place.

Thanks to all the volunteers, donors and attendees for making it another fun event!


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