Porch Crawl Update – Coming April 21st

The second annual BACD Porch Crawl is coming April 21st. Don’t miss it! There will be plenty of food, beer and wine at all of the stops. There is no charge for the event, and all neighborhood residents and their friends are welcome. The event will be rain or shine. Like last year, we’ll start on Llano and work our way down to Belmont stopping for one hour at a time on each street. you can start at the beginning or hop in anywhere along the way at one of the five stops:

6pm to 7pm    5915 Llano
Grab your bell bottoms and go retro with a 70s Redux at the Garrick’s home.
Serving: Campisi’s Pizza

7pm to 8pm    5745 Velasco
Celebrate October Fest early with a Spring Polka Fest at the Attaways.
Serving: Brats & Pretzels, and plenty of beer!

8 to 9pm     6010 Palo Pinto
Cross the border to the Steckleins home for a taste of Tejano, Palo Pinto style.
Serving: Quesa D’Yas, Shrimp Shooters & Tamales

9pm to 10pm     5832 Goliad
Get back, get back in the BACD with the Beatles Invasion at the Balch home.
Serving: Abbey Road Sliders & John Lennon-ade

10pm on      6000 Belmont
Take a trip to the Rainey’s Louisiana Funkytown, a  blend of zydeco and cool jazz.
Serving:  Jambalaya, Crawfish Dip, Boudain Balls

To offset the cost of the food, beer and wine, we will be asking for some donations. But every donation comes with some fine BACD swag:
$10    Donation gets you a wine glass
$20   Donation gets you two wine glasses and a BACD tote bag
$5     The insulated BACD Tote Bag



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