Bye Bye To A Belmont Bungalow

This blog is a re-post from BACD neighbor Ken Lampton. It represents the feelings of many BACD residents. 

There is a 1918 Bungalow on Goliad Avenue that has always been one of my favorite examples of this architectural style. The porch pillars and the brick buttresses on the porch of this house are the sort of features that virtually define the meaning of “Craftsman Bungalow.”

5729 Goliad is located in the Belmont Addition CD

5729 Goliad is located in the Belmont Addition CD

Judging from the signs in front of the house today, it seems the house will be torn down soon. It would be nice if someone wanted to restore and renovate the existing structure. But no doubt the owner can make more money by replacing the bungalow with new construction.

If I were an eccentric millionaire, I like to think I would buy the home myself and turn it into a showcase of the Arts & Crafts era. But that would not be the most profitable use of my money. There are dozens of people shopping for a big new home in the M-Street area, and they are willing to pay $750,000 to get it. This means the land alone is worth as much as $250,000 to a builder. But it is only worth that much if the existing structure is wiped away.

I take pride in being a practical man who understands the economic considerations that drive the real estate market. My own 1928 Tudor cottage is only a few blocks away from this lot on Goliad. I know as a Realtor® that the present boom in the residential real estate market will cause a new wave of homebuilding in the M Streets. The demand for big new homes will drive up the value of my house. I suppose this should make me happy.

But every time one of the old bungalows with really high-class architectural detailing is demolished, it still breaks my heart just a little bit. It’s going to hurt more than usual when I see this iconic home coming down.

Craftsman Bungalow on Goliad Ave.

Craftsman Bungalow on Goliad Ave.


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