Fall Tree Planting Project

This year, BACD is 10 years a conservation district.  As part of ourTree2008_3 commemorative events for the year, we plan to do another tree planting this fall on Saturday, October 25th.  So far, we have planted 60 trees since becoming a CD, and we’re working on getting to 100 soon.  Our goal is to plant 20 trees this year.  The City provides the trees if we plant them.  The requirements from the City include:

1.  The trees must be planted in the parkway (on public land).  If you have room for a tree on your parkway and are willing to make sure it gets a good start (water it and keep it mulched for the first few years), let us know!

  1. The trees must be selected from the City’s list of approved trees that are suited for North Texas (list attached).  Belmont, Goliad, Palo Pinto and Velasco may chose from either the Large Canopy Tree list (preferred) or the Small Tree list.  Due to the size of its parkways, Llano may only chose from the Small Tree list.  Parkways with overhead utility lines must also chose from the Small Tree list. There are lots to choose from, and the trees we get are always very nice.
  2. The deadline for submitting your tree requests is September 12th. All tree requests need to be directed to Claudia Worme (cjworme@sbcglobal.net). Trees will be granted on a first order, first serve basis, with a limit of 2 per house.  We will make our best effort to honor your tree requests, but the City has the ultimate say on what trees we get and where they get planted.  The City Arborist will do an onsite review of the tree requests for the final approval.
  3. Tree requests need to include the following information:

In the “subject” line of the email, state “BACD Tree Request” so that Claudia recognizes it as a valid email.

Please provide the information below:

1.  Your name
2. Your address
3. Your email address
4. Your telephone number
5. Your preferred tree type – please refer to the City’s approved tree list
6. Number of trees you want – 1 or 2 trees
7. The location (in your parkway) where you want the tree.  Use directions, like “southwest side” or “middle between walkway and driveway on left side” please
8. If you have a sprinkler system in the planting area, please indicate
9. Confirmation that you are available on Planting Day to assist in the planting and allow volunteers access to your water supply, etc.  We strongly urge you to be available on planting day to ensure proper placement and any other potential issues.

All tree hosts must commit in writing (a form will be circulated) that they will keep the tree mulched and watered for at least 2 years so it can get established.  Mulch will be provided on the day of planting.  After that, it is your responsibility.  Tree maintenance guidelines will be forwarded to the tree “hosts” once we receive an approval.

Please contact Claudia Worme at cjworme@sbcglobal.net with any questions.

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