Biggest Porch Crawl Yet!

The annual BACD Porch Crawl was held on April 23rd. Last year, severe rains and a tornado warning midway through the party cut the event short. This year, we had perfect 75-degree weather and sunny skies. The result was the largest turn out to a neighborhood event yet. Based on sign-ins and donations, we estimate about 220 neighbors showed up for the event. This year we added BACD branded beer glasses to the event and sold out or them quickly. By design, we try to make this a break even event with donations at the door covering the cost of the event. And we managed to do that again this year. Thanks to all the Belmontonians that came out and donated! Thanks also to the 5 hosts and their volunteers that put on a great party at each of the 5 stops. And especially thanks to our sponsors who donated materials and cash in lieu for the event. Check out the list below and be sure to stop by their place of business and tell them thank you.

Next year, we’ll be trying things a little differently. One suggestion was that we start on Belmont and end on Llano just to change things up. Done! And next year, we’ll drop the theme and just let the streets do whatever they want. Here’s some pics from the event:

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Sykes Printing
Crisp Salads
Joyce & Gigi’s Kitchen
Times Ten Cellars
Chef’s Produce
Resident Adam Honhera (Belmontonian)
Perillos (Arabian)

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