Porch Crawl 2017 – Are you ready to crawl?

PorchCrawl2017BannerMark your calendars for Porch Crawl 2017: April 29, 2017! This year, we’ll be celebrating a different holiday on each street. We’re reversing the order of streets this year. We’ll start with Cinqo de Mayo on Belmont and end with New Year’s Eve on Llano. Along the way, we’ll celebrate Texas Independence Day, Mardi Gras and Halloween. Should be fun!

Starting at 6:00pm at the first house, we will continue with a stop at each house every hour.  Last year, we had over 200 people turnout throughout the night.  We hope to see you there!


We need your help! The success of our events are the result of community involvement.  Help the host on your street throw a rockin’ stop, join us at the planning meetings, or sponsor the event through a monetary, food, drink, or supply donation. Each street has a street captain in charge of putting together a one hour party. Volunteers from the street will help the street captain with decorations, food, additional beverages and entertainment. If you don’t cook, maybe you could coordinate a game or activity to entertain the crowd. There’s lots to do and the street captains need your help.

This year we especially need help on Llano. We have a host home, but are still looking for a street captain and several volunteers to make the last stop a great one. Whether you live on Llano or not, if you’re willing to help out on the Llano stop, please let us know by contacting us at belmontaddition@yahoo.com or Darren Dattalo at darren@homesintheloop.com.


As always we need sponsorships to help defray the cost of the event. Although we do raise some limited funds through the sale of BACD swag, those mostly go toward the cost of the wine and beer provided at the stops. Additional costs for decorations and food at the stops can add up. If you would like to donate toward your street’s party or towards the event as a whole, drop me a note at darren@homesintheloop.com.


Kingston for Council
Darren Dattalo, REALTOR
Yvonne Olson, resident
Times Ten Cellars
Jimmy’s Food Store
Rock Star Bakeshop

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