BACD Lee Elementary School Donations Update – March 2018

Last November at Fall Party, we raised over $5,000 for Lee Elementary. This school, which serves BACD and several other nearby neighborhood organizations, has a robust Dual Language (Spanish) and IB program, which also includes a Spanish component. When we asked for a “needs inventory” for the school, the teachers overwhelmingly requested Spanish language materials. So, we agreed to provide library materials in Spanish for all grades.

In addition to the supplies delivered earlier this year for the younger grades, BACD has now delivered the dual language supplies for grades 4 and 5, as well as materials for an upcoming writing exercise. Specifically, BACD donated:

• two complete sets of Spanish-English dictionaries to be used by the Grades 4 and 5 classrooms. Previously, teachers had been borrowing dictionaries from one another to gather enough random dictionaries for the students to use during testing where permitted.

• four novel sets in Spanish. These are the first complete novel sets in Spanish owned by the school and allow the kids to read and discuss the same book together. They have already started reading their first novel.

• additional books and learning materials that are already in use as homework for the kids

• materials to support the school’s first Rail Writers field trip involving creative writing while riding the TRE to Fort Worth and back.

Thanks to everyone who supported this effort at the Fall Party fundraiser, and special thanks to our own Scott Clark for working to get the materials to the school. For more information on BACD projects, feel free to email us at

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