Porch Crawl Is This Weekend!

The final details are in and BACD is ready for a party!  The event is this Saturday, April 23, beginning at 6pm at the Llano Host home. From there we will move hourly to each additional home on the list below. Marathoners can join us at Llano and stay through to Belmont, and sprinters can hop in or out at any point along the way. We always have a large turn out for this event and you don’t want to miss this chance to meet your neighbors. To help meet your neighbors, we’re asking people to wear something in the color or your street (see below). This will help you spot others who live near by.

6pm to 7pm       5738 Llano              Blue
7pm to 8pm       5722 Velasco          Yellow
8pm to 9pm       5820 Palo Pinto     Green
9pm to 10pm     5947 Goliad            Red
10pm to 11pm    5929 Belmont       Black

All BACD residents and their friends are welcome at the event. We even welcome our alumni resident who’ve moved out of the CD.  While we don’t charge admission, we do sell wine and beer glasses to offset the cost of the event. Glasses are $10 each or 2 for $20 and we’ll throw in a BACD tote bag. Unfortunately, we cannot take credit cards at Porch Crawl. This is not a fundraiser, but we do rely on donations to cover the costs of beer and wine. Food and decorations are provided by donations from our sponsors and residents on the individual streets. Donations are still welcome at the following levels:

$75:Quarter horse
Over $100:Belmontonian

Contact us at belmontaddition@yahoo.com if you would like to make an additional donation.

Sykes Printing
Crisp Salads
Joyce & Gigi’s Kitchen
Times Ten Cellars
Chef’s Produce
Resident Adam Honhera (Belmontonian)
Perillos (Arabian)



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Porch Crawl 2016



This year, each street will host a different them based on the Olympic rings. It is an Olympic year after all. The rings represent continental regions and each street is creating a theme around a specific region.

Starting at the first house on Llano, we will continue with a stop at each house every hour. Last year, we had well over 100 people turnout throughout the night.  We hope to see you there!

A BIG THANKS to Lara Davis for chairing the committee.


BACD needs your help! The success of BACD events are the result of community involvement. Help the host on your street throw a rockin’ stop, join us at the planning meetings, or sponsor the event through a monetary, food, drink, or supply donation.

The next planning meeting is April 3 at 6pm at 5908 Belmont.

Contact BACD at belmontaddition@yahoo.com for more info or to get in touch with your street captain.


Say thanks by throwing these guys some BACD love!

Sykes Printing
Crisp Salad
Joyce & Gigi’s Kitchen
Times Ten Cellars



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DISD Spring Social

Come learn more about our DISD schools that serve BACD.

DISD Spring Social April 26th!

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Coyotes Roaming the BACD

COYOTE ADVICE – Be Aggressive to the coyotes & Time Feed your outdoor pets
BACDCoyotesOver the last several weeks people all over the Belmont Addition have been seeing coyotes roaming the neighborhood. We believe they are living at a house in the 6200 block of Prospect, but are visiting us regularly. The City of Dallas does not deal with wildlife, so Animal Control will not respond to any calls about coyotes. Instead they refer us to 911WildLife.com.  You can also reach them at 214-368-5911. They can not help in trapping or relocating coyotes, but they have provided information that we can use and teach others. The big takeaways are as follows:
Be aggressive and scary, reclaim your/our territory. If you see a coyote, yell and make noise, use a loud whistle or alarm sound; throwing something at a coyote is the best method to scare them off, there’s something about making contact with an object that scares them away. Run or walk aggressively towards them. In general, be aggressive! They are no longer afraid of us because we often just watch them, take pictures, shoot video, get on our phones, but we don’t act aggressive towards them typically. Adults and children are fine, walking your dog on a leash is fine, they will not attack randomly, day or night and they’re very afraid of people. Humans are not at risk, animals over 10 lbs are typically not at risk. However, we must exude aggression when we see them to keep that balance.

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Fall Party Coming This Weekend!

FPBanner2015Fall Party 2015 will be held on November 8th from 1:00p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the corner of Palo Pinto and Delmar (same location as last year). Enjoy the food, drink and music. We are planning kids activities so bring the whole family. Money raised during the event will support neighborhood projects at Robert E. Lee Elementary and BACD tree plantings. There will be some past Fall Party favorites such as the BACD Bingo, Chili Cook Off, the silent auction and the wine cork pull.   Continue reading

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Tree Planting 2015

Help beautify the neighborhood by planting some trees!tree-planting
Date:  Saturday, October 24th
Time:  8:30 a.m. – until we are done (a few hours)
Place:  Breakfast and water will be served at 5901 Palo Pinto for all volunteers

We are very excited to be adding more trees to beautify our neighborhood.  The City of Dallas is providing the trees and BACD is responsible for the actual planting.  We will be planting 18 trees this time (bringing our total up to almost 80 so far). The holes for each tree have been started, and each tree will be delivered to the planting site this time, so all we have to do is make sure the holes are the correct size for each root ball, and that each tree is properly planted, mulched and watered.  We would love your help!  
There may be some rain on Saturday, and we do not have a contingency plan.  We might just get a little help with the watering.  Please bring your own gloves and shovels.
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Porch Crawl 2015 Coming April 18th!

It’s Time To Crawl!PorchCrawl2015Graphic copy

This year’s theme is colors. Each street is putting together a party based around a different color. We’re asking folks to wear something the color of your street to help identify each other.

There will be plenty of food, beer and wine at all of the stops. There is no charge for the event, and all neighborhood residents and their friends are welcome. The event will be rain or shine.

Get Involved!

We need your help! The success of our events are the result of community involvement. Help the host on your street throw a rockin’ stop, join us at the planning meetings, or sponsor the event through a monetary, food, drink, or supply donation. Contact us at belmontaddition@yahoo.com or contact Darren Dattalo at Continue reading

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